For the first time a new healthcare initiative now available in your neighborhood providing affordable emergency and non emergency medical care needs round the clock in a fast, good and kind manner

Urgent care is the delivery of ambulatory care in a facility dedicated to the delivery of emergency medical care outside of a hospital emergency department, usually on an unscheduled, walk-in basis.

Our Urgent Care Centre Hospitals not only specialize in dealing with all kinds of medical emergencies but can also take care of all your routine healthcare needs in the neighborhood of your home or workplace. You have the convenience of walking in at any time of the day without worrying for an appointment to see our Urgent Care doctors. Because urgent care practitioners are on the “front lines” of medicine, they are proficient in evaluating and caring for any patient who walks into an urgent care centre. We also work in collaboration with your primary care physicians and specialists to ensure continuity of care when they are unavailable to care for you. Our consult rooms provide you the opportunity to see specialists like cardiologists, surgeons, neurologist in your own neighborhood. You can get your blood tests, urine tests, ECGs, Digital X rays, vaccination etc done at any time convenient to you as we are 24 hours open. Urgent care centre Hospitals have treatment beds and patients are admitted for treatments required.

Urgent Care centre Hospitals are your neighborhood healthcare providers!

In Your Neighbourhood

Urgent Care In Your Neighbourhood

Urgent Care centres are right where you need them – in your neighbourhood. This allows ease of access to patients and also ensures you reach us faster and in time for us to stabilize the patient.

So next time you face a medical emergency, or are feeling unwell and are unsure where to go – you can simply walk into the near by UCC Hospitals and be rest assured that you will be taken care of Immediately…

Easy Affordable Healthcare

Easy Affordable Healthcare

Urgent Care Centres provide an affordable health care experience which is only a fraction of what one would end up paying in a hospital emergency care center. By doing away with any unnecessary procedures, setting systems in place and optimising space and time spent urgent care hospitals are able to keep costs down and still offer quality and timely medical services to its patients.

We focus on making health care effective, not expensive.

Geared up for Emergencies

Geared up for Emergencies

Urgent Care Centres are open 24×7, 365 days, so you can be at peace of mind that somebody is always available to assist you.

Equipped with the latest technology and offering life-saving procedures backed by distinguished emergency care doctors, well-trained nurses and other paramedical staff, Urgent Care Hospitals are able to handle all kinds of medical emergencies.

For example, a patient is suffering from a heart attack. We will stabilize the patient, put her on a ventilator if need be, take care of the vitals and do everything necessary to save her during the golden hour.

There could be an eight-12 hour waiting in a public hospital, while the visit to an emergency in a private hospital can be very expensive. We are bridging the gap by providing walk in on the spot emergency care at a very reasonable cost.

Dr Perzev Ahmed, Founder and Chairman, Aapka Urgicare

What does UCC Hospital treat?

What does Urgent Care treat?

Some examples of conditions that can be treated at Urgent Care Hospital include:

    • Chest Pain
    • Heart Attack
    • Angina
    • Dialysis at Vikas Marg
    • Sudden Weakness of any limb
    • Oncology-Chemotherapy
    • Burns
    • Asthma
    • Pain in the Abdomen
    • Injuries – cuts and bruises
    • Abscess Drainage
    • Paronychia-Nail bed Infections
    • Sprains & fractures
    • POP Cast Application
    • Closed Reduction & Cast Applications
    • Breathlessness
    • Fever with certain complications
    • Loss of consciousness
    • Fits or seizures
    • Loose motions
    • Vomiting & dehydration
    • Animal/ Insect Bites
    • Drug reactions
    • Nasal bleeds
    • Trauma due to accident
    • Poisonings
    • Headache
    • Earache
    • Dental Facility at Vikas Marg


Uniqueness of the Concept

The urgent medicare industry is being fueled by an overwhelming consumer demand for provision of early and effective emergency treatment devoid of long waiting times, patients facing long waits for appointments with their primary care doctors, the excessive amounts of time spent in hospital emergency rooms and unnecessary hospitalization.

History of the Urgent Care concept

The Hospitals provide primary healthcare needs of the local communities (treatment for common injuries and conditions like cuts, burns, flu and out patient department clinical services including preventative screening, basic diagnostics and vaccinations) as well as clinical capabilities, skill and experience to treat most episodic healthcare needs, including the ability to diagnose and stabilize cardiac arrest, stroke symptoms, breathing problems and most trauma incidents.

Understanding the Scope of Urgent Care Practice

Because urgent care practitioners are on the “front lines” of medicine, they need to be proficient in evaluating and caring for – at least initially – any patient who walks into an urgent care hospita. For this reason, there is some overlap in the scope of practice between Urgent Care and all existing medical specialties that involve direct patient care. Because of the convenience of Urgent Care Centres, patients choose these facilities when they are unable to see their usual doctor in a timely fashion or choose not to go to a hospital emergency department.